Type Pure Car Carrier
Length 199.95m
Breadth 32.2m
Units 6,400 units
G/T 58,631 t
Speed 20.65 knots
*Ship of the Year 2003
Type Product Tanker
Length 228.0m
Breadth 32.26m
D/W 75,000 t
G/T 40,963 t
Speed 15.5 knots
Type Chemical Tanker
Length 186.0m
Breadth 32.2m
D/W 48,356 t
G/T 29,654 t
Speed 15.2 knots
Type Bulk Carrier
Length 189.9m
Breadth 31.0m
D/W 47,301 t
G/T 27,306 t
Speed 14.5 knots
Type Container Ship
Length 192.9m
Breadth 32.3m
Units 2,135 TEU
D/W 28,876 t
G/T 25,497 t
Speed 20.00 knots
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